Thursday, September 23, 2010

Welcome to The Freshness

First off, I'm not exactly sure why I named this "The freshness." I guess at the time it sounded like a good name... I'll try to make this blog fresh, for the sake of the name.

Anyway, I'm not to sure about throwing my actual name out there, so just call me Juicebox (inside joke from back in the High School days.) I'm a first year college student in Waco, Texas. So far I'm loving the college life; late nights, early mornings, poor sleep, awesome new people, and plenty of stuff to do, unlike the small town I grew up in.

I have 2 obsessions; Cars and photography. The cars around here are pretty cool... not all of them would pass in the Hellaflush world, but a few do. A lot of them pass in my book, be it the style or stance or what it's got under the hood. I'll be honest, I hate on a few rides around campus, but to each his own; I'm sure people hate on my car too, so all is fair.

I'm going out tonight to wash my baby, I'll post some pics tonight so you can hate on it too. I <3 Haters.

Anyway, Welcome to The Freshness


  1. cool blog bro. remove captcha in the settings so its easier to post on your blog.

  2. awesome man..can't wait to see it

  3. No captcha for me.. but i guess that's because it's my blog. I'll figure it out, thanks for the heads up