Thursday, September 23, 2010

Nothing new tonight, sorry...

I said earlier upon creation of this blog that I'd post some pictures of a few local rides, as well as my own.. well, I lost track of time and it got dark on me, so no pics and no wash for my whip.. and it seems that everyone with a decent ride has left campus for the night, so, maybe tomorrow.

For now, here's an older pic of mine:
I'll work on making these better quality... time to start a photobucket I guess.


  1. Thanks. It's a slow build, But she looks nice. Carbon fiber hood on the way soon and new control arms and balljoints for -camber and a better stance.

  2. What size of engine does she have? I can't wait to see close-up photos.

  3. 1.6L SOHC (it's slow) I'm geared more for handling and traction than speed right now, it's a future auto-x car. Pics of the engine bay soon