Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Valley

The Valley is a badass place here in Waco. Most people call it "Valley Mills Drive," but to a huge group of lawbreakers, supportive spectators, and sometimes even police officers it is "The Valley."

What goes down on The Valley is very close to the first race scene in The Fast and The Furious... People line up along a stretch of Valley Mills (A 6 lane street in uptown Waco) to watch people race and/or show off their rides. Pretty much anyone is welcome on The Valley on Friday and Saturday nights, so long as you don't drive something ragged or just plain slow. Sorry Geo owners....

My group of friends posted up in shopping center's parking lot to watch and take part in the action. Kdub brought his stock V6 'Stang, Kye brought his (very very slow) Suzuki SX4, but his loud-ass system made up for it. Oh, If your car isn't fast, but it's loud or low or good looking; acceptance is guaranteed. Jhall brought his 357 V8 chevy, and actually whooped the fuck out of some ricers. My bro KK, whom I am jealous of, brought his V6 Galant with some minor work and a killer sounding exhaust, and I brought the "slowgreencivic."

I have plenty of crappy cell-phone-quality vids of the racing and people showing off, but Friday is just a teaser for what goes down Saturday. My transfer cable for my camera isn't working.. I'll buy a new one later this morning to upload pics of some rides.

I figured I should start a "Kill List" for people I race and beat. I'll include losses too, to prove I'm not a liar. I only race what I think I can beat.

Dodge Neon (Auto trans, exhaust, CAI) - Won at 6 lights in a row, lost on a 40mph roll

Nissan Sentra SE (m/t, gutted muff, Heavy chick for a passenger (no offence)) - 2 wins at a 30mph roll, 1 loss at a light, 1 win at a light with launch control (3,700 rpm clutch drop)

Nissan G35 Sedan (m/t, header, CAI, axle-back single muff) - Win at 60mph roll to 110, Loss at 40mph roll to 80, chatted about it at the next light- no race. Cool guy...

Kdub's V6 'Stang - Win at light, Loss on a 20mph roll (damn auto transmission fucked me on it)

Chevy Cobalt LS (stock) Win at 4 lights (KK and I both)

'95 Honda Prelude (full exhaust, CAI, LSD) Win at 50mph roll, Loss at a light. Talked to the guy afterward, The 'Lude I raced was his daily; he showed me pics of his turbo'd H23 Prelude he's building...

Audi S4 (idk) - Win by default from 30mph roll. Pulled over by 5-0 = loss, but he woulda killed me. Thanks, Police.

Anyway, The Valley is a badass place to be on the weekend... it's the only reason I stick around.